Release QRecipeWriter 4.0.0

Major changes:

  • Now works with pywebcooking servers (
  • Now use a wordpress plugin for wordpress websites (REST API) instead of Java part
  • Java requirement dropped
  • Refactoring of ingredients and equipments writting:
    • Ingredients: set quantity (opt), unit (opt) and name separately. Units are pre-filled (list can be customized)
    • Equipments: set quantity and name
  • Add some verifications

Other changes:

  • A lot of bug corrections
  • Code refactoring (to be more simple)
  • Fix layouts of some dialogs
  • Add KDE neon to the list of supported linux distros


Linux (64 bits)

Ubuntu 16.04 / Debian like (deb)
KDE Neon (deb)
Archlinux/Manjaro (package)
Fedora (rpm)


Installer (64 bits)
Installer (32 bits)